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26 October 2009 @ 08:21 am
Six Days of Spooky  
This is not really new, but it's never appeared on its own before-- it was originally part of a "5 Things that Never Happened to Bilbo" set.

Rated PG
Summary: What if Bilbo had made another journey before he asked Frodo to come and live with him?

In the Dark

With legs weak from hunger, Bilbo continued to move. He had to keep ahead of the goblins. Sting was glowing. He sheathed it, and put on the ring. How long had it been since his companions had all been slain? He was sure he had been wandering these dismal tunnels for days on end. Shuddering in pain and sorrow, he remembered their valiant efforts to fight the goblins, and the blood and the pain and the death. Far worse, it was, than the Battle of Five Armies.

Why had he ever thought he could have another Adventure at his age? He had been making plans; he had thought he might bring his orphaned cousin, young Frodo to live with him at Bag End. He had, he believed, finally been settled in the Shire, and no longer troubled with the Tookish urge to wander.

How long could he keep this up? He was no longer anywhere near a place where he could find food. Perhaps letting the goblins find him would be a quicker death than starvation, for he no longer held out any hope of emerging from these dark holes alive. And even if he could find food, what kind of existence would he have? He remembered the Gollum creature, skulking in the dark; a cold cheerless existence, simply surviving from one miserable dark day to the next. How long would it take him until he himself became like that sad, mad creature?

If only, he thought, I had not listened when Balin came, and asked me to join him in his expedition to Moria…
Galadriel: galadriel - blue ladycaras_galadhon on October 28th, 2009 07:33 pm (UTC)
This was fascinating, and quite creepily atmospheric. Thank you for sharing!
illwynd: Spooky riderillwynd on November 1st, 2009 01:17 am (UTC)
Ooh, I'd never even thought of that possibility! Poor Bilbo! I'm so glad it didn't go that way.