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04 October 2009 @ 03:51 pm
Six Days of Spooky  
Greetings! It's that time again, and the Six Days of Spooooky in Middle-earth Challenge is almost upon us! Join us in sharing six days of fic, art, or anything else that celebrates the spooky side of Middle-earth!


How to participate:
--Write up some spooky, scary, or otherwise Halloween-themed fics, and post them between October 26th and October 31st.
--Works created previously are welcomed, as long as they have not been posted here before.
--Ideally, post one or more pieces a day during those 6 days, but fewer (or even just one) is fine!
--If you want to write more than six, great! Just post them during those days.
--The pieces don’t have to be scary, but they should include something that feels Halloween-ish.
--The pieces can be drabbles or ficlets or whatever you like. Art is good too—feel free to draw or paint or show off your wraith-o’-lantern!
--Label and/or tag your pieces as Six Days of Spooky.

This community may seem dead, but with your help it can rise again, zombielike, this Halloween. If you plan to participate, please tell your flists and help us spread the word!
Galadriel: OTPcaras_galadhon on October 9th, 2009 05:20 pm (UTC)
I hope the 6 days goes well! I look forward to seeing what people have to share. ^_^ (And btw, you're welcome to post about this over at sons_of_gondor in order to spread the word.)