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spooky_arda's Journal

Spooky Middle-earth
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A place for the spooky stories and art of Middle-earth!

Middle-earth is a scary place! From Moria to Mirkwood to Mordor, spooky things happen and scary things lurk. Even in pleasant Hobbiton, danger and fright are not far away. Thus, this community is dedicated to enjoying the spookier side of Middle-earth!

Guidelines and Information:
Please read these before posting!

What is this community for?
Fanfiction, fan art, discussion, and other postings related to the theme of the community.

What is the theme of the community?
Well, spooky stuff in Middle-earth. This does NOT necessarily mean horror (although we like horror too!), but can be anything that includes spooky, scary, or creepy elements, or anything that you would find appropriate for Halloween. That horror story about Morgoth that you’ve been working on? Fantastic! That funny drawing of hobbits trick-or-treating? Just as great! Essentially, if you think it fits, you’re probably right. If you’re not sure, please feel free to ask.

What type of content is welcome?
-Fanfiction, fan art, and discussions of the fictional people of Middle-earth, following the above theme guidelines.
-Any rating is allowed, as long as it is properly marked.
-Gen, het, and slash are all welcome here, as long as it follows the community theme.
-Posts promoting similar communities, or events or challenges that relate to the theme of the community, are acceptable as long as they are kept to a minimum.

What type of content is not acceptable?
-RPF. We have no problem with RPF, but this isn’t the place for it, unless it is part of a crossover involving the fictional denizens of Middle-earth.
-Fic/art for other fandoms, unless it is part of a crossover involving the fictional denizens of Middle-earth.
-Any fic/art/discussion unrelated to the theme of the community.
-Spam, or any post designed to troll the community.
-Material that violates LJ’s TOS and content restrictions.

What about cuts, headers, and other technical details?
-The body of fic, art, and long discussion topics should go behind an LJ cut. (Linking is fine too, as is crossposting.)
-Story banners may be used and placed outside the cut, providing that they are small and not adult-rated.
-Please follow the below template for your header, modified as necessary for your story/artwork. Rating information and any warnings must be placed outside the cut/before the link.

Author: (mandatory)
Disclaimer: (mandatory)
Rating: (mandatory, especially if adult rated.)
Characters/Pairing: (see notes below)

Notes regarding the above template:
-All stories and artwork posted to this community MUST be your own. You may rec and/or link to stories/art by others, but do not post the full work here, and always give credit where credit is due.
-Disclaimers are mandatory.
-Ratings are also mandatory. Deliberately mislabeling adult material is a bannable offense.
-Warnings are not mandatory, but it is considerate to include them when they are warranted.
-Listing the main characters/pairings is a good idea. If your fic/art includes a pairing, either het or slash, please include the pairing information. If that gives away too much, you must at least state that it is het or slash.

Also, please mention it if your work relies on LotR movie canon, just to avoid confusion.

-Please play nice. We’re all here to have fun!
-Constructive criticism and debate are allowed, but flames are not. Flames will be deleted, and offenders may be banned at the moderator’s discretion. Respect other members’ ideas and tastes.

illwynd, your friendly neighborhood mod, can be contacted at illwynd@livejournal.com

Events and Challenges:

The main event (and inspiration) for this comm is the yearly “Six Days of Spooky in Middle-earth Challenge.” For the six days leading up to Halloween, participants post as many spooky, scary, or otherwise Halloween-themed fics and artworks as they can, in celebration of the spooky side of Middle-earth. Special information and details for the current year’s challenge (such as prompts and banners) will be posted in September.

Now, on to the spooky!